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Welcome to Wakeful

An intimate 6 week group coaching program for curious individuals who are wanting to experience the possibilities of conscious coupling, uncoupling, and the calling in of healthy partnership by way of their own growth journey.


hi, hello! 

First, I want to celebrate you for showing up to this space, for bringing awareness to your needs, desires, blocks, and questions around yourself, your partner and relationship, or the relationship you are calling into your life. 

As humans, we are emotional, complex, messy, beautiful creatures trying to navigate ourselves and the close relationships we cultivate. And, sometimes, on our growth journey and in that of our partnership (or future partnership), we ask for guidance and support to step into our truth. This reflection can help us attune our guiding voice, the quiet, tender, and clear voice that lives within us.


My intention for this program is to support you in the understanding and clarification of your desires, fears, and blocks as they relate to yourself and then to your partnership, separation, or new relationship. 


I welcome you and I invite you into a program in which your voice will be heard, seen, and celebrated for exactly what it is.


is a 6 week intimate group coaching program starting in April 2021 in which we will dive deep into 

☾ What Conscious Uncoupling and Coupling looks like - what is it, how you bring it into your life and partnership (current or future)

☾ Learning to listen to quietest voice, naming your desires, your fears, and your boundaries 

☾ Helpful tools of communication as a means of deeper connection, healthy separation, or the creation of the relationship you want to begin

☾ Learning to connect with your intuition by way of body awareness, breath, and energy healing

☾ The importance of taking care of yourself before helping others as a means to honor individual desires, fears, needs, and dreams

This program is for you if

☾ You simply hear the call — the call to this space, to your own growth, your own coaching, and to connection in a group setting

☾ You desire to learn about conscious uncoupling and coupling 

☾ You are seeking support through a transition in or out of your relationship

☾ You want to learn how to listen to your body in order to communicate with yourself and your partner

☾ You crave to express and honor your deepest, juiciest desires

☾ You want to start the journey of living deeply in tune with your truth and freedom 

☾ Come from any background, gender, identity, race, or sexual orientation 

Together we will

☾ Create a safe, brave, deeply connected, honest, and confidential space

☾ Call each other to more love and truth

☾ Learn, ask questions, and make mistakes

☾ Examine what we know and open ourselves to learning

☾ Listen to our quietest inner voice and honor that voice and its needs

☾ Take part in weekly 90 minute zoom calls and a powerful virtual energy healing session

☾ Name and start to break down the blocks that get in the way of your expansion

☾ Awaken our power and inner strength as individuals and as a community 

☾ Stay connected and hold each other accountable within a coaching group

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Why work with me?

Because I am just like you.

Over the past 4 years, I have chosen to dive deep into my own therapy, personal growth work, coaching, education, and expansion in order to let my fire burn. I could feel my inner light dimming - she felt misaligned, lost, hurt, frustrated, muted, and confused. And I had no idea how to learn to dance with her, find trust in her, and listen to her. I also realized her impact on my relationship, my career, my intimacy, my friendships, my own well being. 

In the past two years, I been looking specifically at my own partnership, intimacy, desires, and blocks to these things. I opened to myself and took personal responsibility for the fact that I thought I knew how to communicate, be grounded, listen to my partner, honor myself and body, ask for what I needed... and god damn was I wrong. And guess what?! That's totally ok. It is part of the ride. 

My own transformation permitted me to experience the most healthy, loving, powerful, deeply connected separation from partner of many years. One that I only previously could have dreamed of. This is why I feel so deeply called to share with you - to share the tools I have learned, to hold you accountable, to reflect you back to you. Because this type of life, growth, passion, and love is possible for anyone. You just have to want it and step out of the way to let yourself have it. 

- xox Chloé

Now pause, Notice your body

Are you feeling a full body hell yes?! Some hesitation? Excitement, sensations, fears, all of the above?!

You are exactly where you're supposed to be.