Cliffs and Ocean



Welcome to wakeful Mentorship

A group coaching program for passionate people seeking to connect to themselves, feed their fire, and strengthen their self-confidence as a means to elevate their career, relationships, and presence to their own life journey. 


hi, hello! 

First, I want to celebrate you for showing up to this space, for bringing awareness to your fire — your desires, blocks, fears, confusion and questions around yourself and your own growth journey.

As humans, we are emotional, complex, messy, beautiful creatures trying to navigate ourselves and the path we walk. And, sometimes, on our growth journey and in that of our partnership (or future partnership), we ask for guidance and support to step into our truth. This reflection can help us attune our guiding voice, the quiet, tender, and clear voice that lives within us.

Unearthed Mentorship
Group Program

is a 10 week incubator in which I will hold space for you to

☾ get grounded into your body,

☾ learn to listen to and trust your intuition,

☾ set intention around desire through ritual and ceremony,

☾ feed your self-confidence in order strengthen your abilities an entrepreneur

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Why work with me?

Because I am just like you.

After experiencing my own trauma, childhood struggles and abuse, I grew a fire in me so hot that nothing would get in it’s way. It would ebb and flow, push me off cliffs, throw me into dark holes, burn me, love me, shoot me so high that I felt I could try anything. The tricky part was I could feel it, but I couldn't name it or control it.


This led me to my calling. Around 5 years ago, I felt a strong desire to get support for the imbalance I felt in me. I craved help to heal the pain, anger and hurt, confusion, get more connected to my body and intimacy, I longed for clarity, community, and support. So I let myself fall completely, head and heart first, into my own personal growth journey. 

Interested in learning more about UnEarthed Mentorship? Are you feeling an energetic pull, a turn on, or brightness?

Let's connect!

In my personal growth journey, I have learned to 

☾ name my fire, her darkness and her light 

☾ dance with and make love to my fire

☾ heal old wounds and burns

☾ hold, love, and speak directly to my little person

☾ use my fire to push me, pursue my dream career, take huge risks, spend big money, make even more

☾ and most importantly, how to trust and have fierce confidence in my fire, my beauty, my inner power and strength