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I am a visual artist who combines printmaking, alternative processes in photography, and free-hand drawing to investigate the relationship between our bodies and both the natural and built environments. 


I see parallels between neglected and abandoned environments and hidden or concealed parts of the human form (such as natural fat and curvature, or wounded bodies parts), and seek to express how these hidden worlds echo and reflect each other.


Through mixed mediums, I experiment with mark-making and borrowing elements found in the natural world such as the colors of earth and foliage, and the shapes and textures of rock, water, and wood. I am interested in transposing these elements and those of the human form as a to nod to the interdependency of human and environment. To some extent, I seek to eventuate the mundane, and highlight the unnoticed. 


By exploring socially-neglected aspects of the human body, I challenge viewers to reconsider not only the “normal” human form, but also to reevaluate their own bodies with all their nuance, contradictions, and idiosyncrasies. By focusing on these neglected parts of ourselves, I hope to allow beauty of pure form where there otherwise is shame or disgrace.

Chloé Besson received her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Printmaking and Photography from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Chloé has exhibited in Boulder, Denver, New York, Chicago, and the South Pacific. Her work has been features in INTERKORS Mag, Westword Denver, Dirt Zine Boulder, the CU Honors Journal, and Flora Fauna Zine Denver. 

Chloé is an artist and freelance photographer working in Denver, CO. She also works part time as the Fine Arts Coordinator, Marketing Consultant, and Project Photographer at Noyes Art Designs, an art consulting company in the Arts District of Santa Fe, Denver. 

A R T I S T   C. V. 



[  E D U C A T I O N  ]


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking, sub-focus in Photography & Art History

University of Colorado, Boulder ​


[  S O L O  E X H I B I T I O N S  ]


The Untitled One, Too

Modern Nomad Gallery, Denver |

The Untitled One (Many Faces)

Boulder Creative Collective, Boulder | September 15 - October 7, 2018

The Faces

Wonder, Boulder, CO | June 1 - September 1, 2018



Through the Pine

Amante Coffee, Boulder, CO, December 2015


Skinned, Month of Print 2016

Black Box Gallery at Madelife, Boulder, CO, March 2016


Skinned, Month of Print 2016

Boulder Creative Collective, Boulder, CO, April 2016



Luck of Print

University of Colorado, Boulder, April 2015



Desensitizing Landscape

University of Colorado, Boulder, October 2014


Somewhere In Between

University of Colorado, Boulder, November 2014



Humble Assassin

University of Colorado, Boulder, October 2013


See It Be

University of Colorado, Boulder, November 2013


[  G R O U P  E X H I B I T I O N S  ]


A Women’s Show of Photography, Month of Photography 2017

Boulder Creative Collective, Boulder, CO March-April 2017


Something That Means Something: An Art Happening

Madelife Gallery, Boulder, CO, May 2017



Spring Grand Salon Show

Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, March 2016



Must Be Continued 

Bachelor of Fine Arts show, University of Colorado, Boulder, April 2015


Hand Made Images 

University of Colorado, Boulder, November 2015


Something in September 

Carol Ann Wachter Gallery, Boulder, CO, September 2015


Perspective on Israel and Palestine 

Galeija, Bosnia, November-December 2015



69 Visions of Love

Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, CO, July 2014




University of Colorado, Boulder, November 2013


Icebreaker Exhibition

IceCube Gallery, Denver CO, December 2013



[  C U R A T E D ]


The Pop-Up

Art Sale and Exhibition, Noyes Art Designs, August 2018 

#NEVERAGAIN: The Conversation Continued, May 2018

ATC | DEN, Denver, CO


#NEVERAGAIN: The Conversation Continued 2, October 2018

Boulder Creative Collective, Boulder, CO


[  P U B L I C A T I O N S  ]


FLAURA FAUNA Zine, Featured Artist Spread, July 2018

Denver, CO 


WESTWORDMagazine, #NEVERAGAIN Art Exhibition Spread, May 2018

Denver, CO 


Dirt Zine Magazine, Fine Arts Spread, 2018



Dirt Zine Magazine, Fine Arts Spread, February 2017



Black and White is Worth the Fight, Digital Magazine, Photography Spread March 2016


WESTWORDMagazine, Month of Print, Print Show Spread, March 2016

Denver, CO



INTERKORS Magazine, Photography Spread, May 2015

Denver, CO



Honors Journal 

University of Colorado, Boulder


[  P E R M A N E N T  C O L L E C T I O N S  ]

Hyatt Place

Boulder, CO

Since 2017

Gippsland Centre for Art and Design

Monah University, Gippsland, Australia 

Since 2013


[ G R O U P   P O R T F O L I O S  ]

Mythologies, Print Exchange 

Spring 2013


69 Visions of Love, Print Exchange

Spring 2013


[  R E S I D E N C I E S  ]

Tabet Letl Print Symposium, Norfolk Island, South Pacific, December 2015


[ A R T I S T  P R E S E N T A T I O N  ]

2018 48 Hours Summit and Exhibitions 

2018 Artist’s Talk at the #NeverAgain Student Show

2017 Artist’s Talk at the Boulder Creative Collective 

2015 Artist’s Presentation at the Carol Ann Wachter Gallery, Boulder CO

2015 Artist’s Presentation at the Tabet Letl Print Symposium Art Center, Norfolk Island, South Pacific 

[  R E L A T E D   E X P E R I E N C E  ]

2014 - 2015 

Printmaker’s Collective at the University of Colorado, Boulder 



Fine Art Demos taught at the University of Colorado, Boulder

2016-2017 Assistant Teaching in Print 

2015 Screen Printing 

2015 Monotype 3 Color Reduction

2015 Tusche Wash Lithography 

2014 Monotype 3 Color Reduction



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