Through photography, Chloé explores the candid, the staged, the breathing, and the body. She is drawn to the compositions formed by humans around the world, and the juxtaposing of person and space.

As a printmaker, Chloe explores similar themes of body and human while combining alternative processes in photography with various processes in printmaking. Do to the physicality of printmaking, she finds overlap between her mediums, such as lithography, and her subjects, humans.

Abroad and at home, she captures the endless stories that can be seen and heard when encountering the many masterpieces that populate this earth. 

As a writer, Chloé reflects on the intricacies, the madness, and the beauty of the relationships found in life. From the breathing to the still, she is fascinated with the unpredictable occurrences and interactions that come as we wander the world. She is fascinated with words and language, and enjoys using tools, such as a typewriter, to manipulate and incorporate language into her work.

The Artist.

Chloé Besson is a Franco-American artist working primarily in Photography and Printmaking. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Chloé's work has been featured in INTERKORS Mag, Westword Denver, and exhibited in Colorado, New York, Chicago, and the South Pacific. 

She currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.